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Three young minds specialized and holding a degree in Technology, Travel, and Dining ( Techtraveldine). When I say degree/certification, we have IATA (travel), Hotel Management degree (dine), Electronics & Telecommunication degree (Technology).

We aim to bring Technology, travel, and dining under one roof and share the latest news and insights related to our fields. Learning more through this platform because learning never stops.

Engaging our visitors with the basics of what we like to do. Our main motto is sharing and bringing communities of these three fields together and become one big community with the help of people who believe in us.

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Our small team of Three Brothers Rohit Kapadi , Akash Kapadi & Yogesh Kapadi.

Rohit Kapadi writes all about Technology for us, Technology as in Basic Gadget guides, “How to” stuff and latest gimmick news from Technology giants Google, Apple, Samsung and many more. Currently working as a freelancer, holding a degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Pillai’s Institute of Technology, Panvel.

Akash Kapadi writes about Food & Beverage for us, He has spent six years with Marriott International. and Currently working & traveling around the world with Carnival UK.

Yogesh Kapadi writes about everything related to Travel. He has worked for Travel companies for more than three years and holds an Iata Certification. His goal is to travel remote places of the world, explore new places, talk to new people and understand different cultures of the world.

We believe: The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement and we all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we IMPROVE. Criticism is what we need to improve.

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