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12 Amazing Telegram Bots You Must Try

Best Telegram Bot List

In this blog, we will discuss the 12 Amazing telegram bots you must try. Telegram is the messenger application used for various purposes like socializing with new friends, business purposes, and for much more things. It provides way more features than its competitor Whatsapp. It is famous for all the wrong reasons and some say Russians steal your data. These allegations are yet to be proved, till then we can all use this futuristic app.

Telegram has a bot feature that you won’t find on any platform. There is so much that you can do with Telegram.

There are some bots that can make your life easier. No need to download all sorts of software or application instead you can do it with the help of Telegram bots.

These are 12 carefully selected Telegram bots list you must try and this list will help you with so much more. We have also provided links to the mentioned bots for your convenience. Let’s find out the best telegram bots list.

Recipe Finder Bot

Recipe finder Telegram bot
Recipe finder Telegram bot

This bot will help you find a recipe based on the ingredients you have at home. Just enter an ingredient name and it will tell you cuisines of a different country. You can Try new cuisines every day


Public link bot

Public link bot-best telegram bots
Public link bot-best telegram bots

What can this bot do?

Just Send any Document File of any SIZE and this bot will Generate an External Link for it. You can download it by using your favourite Downloader!

Public Link Bot

Image to text OCR

Image to Text bot - Telegram
Image to Text bot – Telegram

What can this bot do?

This bot will help you to extract text from the given image and you can copy it and paste where ever you want


Mp3 tools

Mp3 Bot - Telegram
Mp3 Bot – Telegram

What can this bot do?

This bot helps you to convert any mp3 into voice message format, add/edit mp3 tags, cut mp3 based on start and endpoints in seconds, you can also add own album art.

All you need to do is just forward any mp3 or send any link to mp3. It can help you cut MP3 from a given second to the second you want. This can help you make a ringtone from your favourite song.

The bot has a limited request per day. Once the limit is exceeded the bot stops working until the end of the day.

Daily quotas are updated once a day.


Print name/logo maker

Print name/logo maker bot - Telegram
Print name/logo maker bot – Telegram

What can this bot do?

Turn your name into a beautiful


With this bot, you can create images with your name on many types of pictures.


Functions Robot

Functions bot - Telegram
Functions bot – Telegram

What can this bot do?


Make shorten url;

Make/read QR codes;

Encrypt/decrypt messages;


Convert text to voice;

Upload files;

Make Pastebin links

Currency converter


Game Bot

Game bot - Best telegram bots
Game bot – Best telegram bots

What can this Bot do?

This is a demo bot for Gaming platform. This bot can get you a few fun sample games to play.

Maths Battle – Show some math skills

Corsairs – Dodge the cannonballs and collect the gold to get to the next level.

LumberJack – Chop wood as fast as you can but watch out for those branches!


Tech Crunch bot

What can this do ?

This bot can get you latest updates of tech related stuff, so that you stay updated with tech related news


Inline bots

Download videos– uploads videos from YouTube

Find Gif – finds gifs by any keyword

Find any Pictures – same as gif, but for pictures

Find any Wikipedia link – finds links to any Wikipedia articles

Find any Coub – makes the conversation fun with hilarious coubs

Find any songs lyrics -finds lyrics

Cricbuzz Bot

Cricbuzz bot - Telegram
Cricbuzz bot – Telegram

This bot will tell you all the latest updates of cricbuzz in just one click. This bot tell you score update of any sports.

Cricbuzz Bot link

First Aid Bot

First Aid Bot
First Aid Bot

Fast AID bot 2.0 – Link

Passport Photo Bot

What can I do for you?

This bot allows you to prepare photos for ID documents

Do you know how to Import Telegram animated stickers to whatsapp? No? Click here


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