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Affordable Branded Clothes, Shoes & Youtubers.

affordable branded clothes in mumbai
Affordable Branded Clothes, Shoes & Youtubers.
Affordable Branded Clothes, Shoes & Youtubers.

There are many Clothing & Shoe brands around the world . have you ever wonder why do we get branded clothes & shoes in india so cheap & affordable ?

here’s how…

Around the countries, due to the low population, all the manufacturers have to pay millions of money for their labor. So big clothing brands & Shoe brands have made their manufacturing from countries like India, Bangladesh, China & Vietnam. Asian Countries with low labor cost & no question on human rights makes it easy for clothing brands to invest.

There are places around India where you get easy access to brands like H&M, ZARA, Marks & Spencer & GAP. same you will find in the normal roadside shops for cheaper rates. most commonplace in Mumbai is linking road, fashion street, Colaba Causeway, etc.

Here are some vloggers on YouTube who shares about affordable branded clothes in mumbai.

Cheap & Affordable Branded Clothes & Shoes
Photo by Leticia Ribeiro on Pexels.com

Jay Solanki Vlogs

For affordable stylist t-shirts & joggers around south bombay . check his all YouTube videos for more cool stuffs, and fashionable styles

Rohit Suryavanshi


Rishu’s Squad

(MUMBAI) 80-90% off Branded clothes in cheapest price ZARA, H&M,LEVIS ETC|FREE TSHIRT|

Siddly Vloggs

Branded shoes in cheap price in mumbai / NIKE 2090, ADIDAS YEZZY, ZOOM-X, FILA, JORDAN, PUMA-ROMA

Sintu Gupta

Cheapest Export Surplus Branded Garments | 95 % Off | Zara | H&M | Puma | Jack & Jones | Tommy..

Suraj Vlogs

Sweatshirt 800 Ki 3🔥 | Branded Export Surplus Clothes In Cheap Price In Mumbai | Divine Collection

aaimz enterprises

Original Branded Shoes Kilo Ke Bhaaw Cheap Mumbai Vikhroli New Balance Vans Old Skool Clarks Puma

These are some of the Youtubers who made videos on YouTube to show the quality of clothes and shoes do check this out and let me know in the comments.

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