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Banned by Govt, Permitted by Xiaomi

Remove/uninstall clean master

New Delhi: The central government on Monday evening banned 59 Chinese apps, in a significant action to retaliate over the recent border tension between India and China in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley, as they were “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, the security of the state and public order”. The Banned apps like Clean Master are still in Xiaomi’s MIUI phones.

The question arises “What would MIUI users will do?” with banned pre-installed apps like MI Community and Clean Master in MIUI phones. There’s still a security risk for every Xioami user in India. Yet still, the phone remains functional.

While Clean Master also has a big history behind him.

Let us roll back to 2018, In February, Google threw 600 apps out of its Play store. Among them was an app called Clean Master. It had more than 1 billion installs before it was suspected and, despite Google’s ban, its one of Android’s most downloaded apps ever and is likely still running on millions of phones and still functioning in MIUI.

While Google hasn’t commented on what it knew about the app, Forbes data scientist has learned a security company provided the tech giant with evidence the tool was collecting all manner of private Web-use data. That includes which websites users visited from the in-app “private” browser, their search engine queries, and their Wi-Fi access point names, right down to more detailed information like how they scrolled on visited Web pages, according to the security company’s researcher.

Cheetah, a public company that counts Chinese tech giant Tencent as a major investor, says it needs the data to monitor users to keep them safe and offer them useful services.

Therefore ‘No good reason to collect data’.
One message was clear to the researcher: When you’re listening, Xiaomi is listening, too.

Xiaomi posted a blog in which it limned how and when it collects visited URLs visited by its users. Read.

While it is still unclear about security concerns raised by the Xiaomi users, it’s still in their phones as a system default app. The problem with these apps is even if you factory reset your phone and use it, the default permissions are still enabled even if you didn’t enable it for the first time.


Open your security app’s app info tab> Permissions> all the permissions are allowed by default. YOU CANT REVOKE THEM. That’s where the problem starts. Even Google apps ask for permission, even for most basic permission for the app to function properly for eg. Permission asked for the camera while using Google cam.

The only option left is to debloat your Xiaomi banned apps and follow the Govt. guidelines and regulations. You can find a detailed guideline here


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