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Most Luxurious cruise ship in the world

Most Luxurious Cruise Ship in the World

Have you ever wondered what it is like to travel on a luxurious cruise ship in the world? What it is to be like on a luxury cruise ship? How many passengers are aboard on a cruise? Dress code on a Cruise –

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“One of the biggest thrills of a cruiser is experiencing the never-ending ocean all around. On a cruise, you can enjoy a different perspective of sunrise and sunset.”

In this blog, I am going to share information related to Britannia Cruise ship – one of the luxurious cruise ships in the world

Ownership & Investment-

Britannia is an ocean liner manufactured by Fincantieri for the United kingdom cruise line (P&O) Cruises. P&O Cruises is owned by Carnival cluster, the world’s biggest ocean liner operator. The calculable investment for the cruise vessel is £500m (approximately $825m).

Voyage & Accommodation –

The ship sailed on its maiden voyage from Southampton, UK, to the Mediterranean on fourteenth March 2015. She has an accommodation capacity of 3647 passengers and 1350 crew members. The inaugural itineraries embrace a voyage covering the Norwegian Fjords, the island, and also the Baltic.Read More »Most Luxurious Cruise Ship in the World