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Food & Beverage

Healthy eating-Confused by all the conflicting nutrition recommendation out there? These straightforward tips will show you the way to arrange, enjoy, and follow a healthy diet.

Service department is that the department that provides foods and beverages to the guest in an exceedingly hospitable manner.

Menu: Menu is the price list of Food & Beverage item on the market in food and drink retailers.

An intoxicant is any potable (drinkable) liquid containing ethyl alcohol or alkyl group alcohol.

Wine may be a soured intoxicant obtained from the soured juice of freshly collected or gathered grapes.

The various forms of distilled alcoholic beverages square measure gin, brandy, whisky, rum, tequila, vodka, etc.

Compound alcoholic drinks square measure outlined as a a mixed beverage, that is mixed or composed rigorously by extracting flavor, color and sweetness from varied fruits, herbs, plants and bats.

Food & Beverage management is a crucial method that monitors the movement of food and drink product from the time they’re purchased to the time they’re consumed by guests.