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Coorg – My Experience from Mumbai to Coorg!

landscape photography of waterfalls surrounded by green leafed plants

Today I am going to write about my journey to Coorg from Mumbai. This trip was not luxurious just a normal trip, How you can reach Coorg, my expenses so that you understand how expensive Coorg is. ways to reach different places in Coorg. The best season to travel Coorg is monsoon season in India. Coorg is a beautiful green hill station located near Karnataka.

So I went from Mumbai via a flight to Bangalore which I booked 3 months prior. Booking tickets in advance helps you get cheap tickets like almost Rs 3000 but there’s an option of train available which will cost you somewhere around Rs 500 to 1000 depends on which train you want and how fast you want to reach Bangalore.

The other way is by bus which will take 12 to 18 hours again it depends which bus you take, highly recommend will be VRL which will cost you between Rs 900 to Rs 1800 depends upon the level of comfort you seek.

Once you reach Bangalore, either book bus tickets in advance or you can also take a bus from the main bus stand of Bangalore (majestic bus stand) there’s only one way to reach Coorg, that is by roadways. So if you’re planning to visit Coorg for a week, you can also take a zoom car or rent a car if you have a group of 4 or more.

Always rent a bike before reaching Madikeri, this is what I suggest. Madikeri is the main hill station everything is easier and available around.

The main highlights in the rainy season.
1. Abbey waterfalls
2.Raja Seat
3.Iruppu waterfalls
5.Golden temple

Few more.

If you plan to visit by bus you can find bike renting for very cheap rates. Bike rent costs around 1500 for 4 days.

Happy Coorg ❤️🥰

I wanted to keep this blog short and informative, so that you follow my guide and experience coorg in a better way.

If you liked this blog please comment down any questions you have, or your coorg experience if you have already traveled. I would love to know your response.

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