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F & B Services

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On Premise: Food is delivered where it is prepared. The customer visits the premise to avail the food service. The premises are kept well-equipped and well-finished to attract customers to avail F&B service.
For example, restaurants, pubs, etc.

Off Premise or Outdoor Catering: This kind of service includes partial cooking, preparation, and service at customer’s premises. It is provided away from the F&B Services provider’s base on the occasion of major events which call for a large number of customers.

Types of F&B Services Operations

Commercial: In this case, F&B Services is the primary business. The most known commercial catering establishments are — hotels, all kinds of restaurants, lounges, cafeterias, pubs, clubs, and bars.

Non-Commercial: Consumer with limited option of food. For example, food and beverage services provided at hospitals, hostels, and prisons.

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