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Future prospects of Elon Musk Neuralink chip

Elon Musk's future prospects of Neuralink

Elon Musk is known for his futuristic ambitions and products he launches in the market. This billionaire is known for his projects like Tesla cars and many such futuristic projects. In this blog, I have mentioned details regarding Elon musk’s neuralink. Elon Musk has recently claimed streaming music directly in the head. He has claimed many other things on Joe Rogan podcast, reference of this post is taken from Joe Rogan and Elon musk conversation.

What is Neuralink?

Neuralink is a company owned by Elon musk that is developing a symbiosis of Artificial Intelligence and the Human brain. This chip is implanted in the human brain.

What does a Neuralink device include?

It has a battery, bluetooth, electrodes and an inductive charger

How the neuralink device is put inside the skull?

It is basically taking out a small chunk of skull replace it with the neurologic device. Electrodes are very carefully inserted with the help of a robot that is developed avoiding interference with any veins or arteries. Tiny wires find their way to specific areas of the brain to stimulate. After all this is done the whole is , hole is stitched up which looks like a scar

What happens if someone gets neuralink device installed or implanted in their skull?

Restores eyesight, hearing, memory, limb functions. Fixes brain injury, severe epilepsy. Stroke damage, ability to speak, Alzheimer’s.

Chip can record memory like how you record photos and videos on your mobile phone. Basically you can recall all the memory and play it back. Experience some sort of preserved memory.

How long the wires will be?

Depending on where it is, 2-3 millimetres so they just find the spots.

How much will it cost?

6 million approx

Would it be replaceable or reversible?

Yes, it can be replaced or removed and you can be back to normal

There is a show on Netflix called Black Mirror which has already shown some futuristic concept.

This chip has some Brain reading threads, this can help humans talk to each other without even making noises. A complete new language for the humans of not speaking to each other but actually having a conversation.

1. When you sleep with a chip in your skull?

This dream was sponsored by raid shadow legends, play for free now

2. Imagine getting up in the morning and needing a software update

3. Its 2050

Police : Why did you murder him?

Me : Someone hacked me

Imagine getting hacked, scary

4.Must be difficult playing ads directly to your brain.

5. Elon Musk said it can communicate without talking

sounds like DNI from black ops 3

6. I swear if people ever get these implants on the hand or brain willingly and queuing up like at an Iphone release convention, then thats the day I’m relocating to Himalayas and live a life as a goat farmer and call myself Shen-Zao.

Hope you like this blog and comment down some of your thoughts like the comments above, what do you think about these future prospects of Elon Musk

Do watch Joe Rogan and Elon Musk conversation on Youtube. It is a next-level imagination.

P.s : This is just a concept and not launched yet.

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  2. I have seen that show on Black mirror and it’s absolutely insane, in an amazing way. I always thought imagine having that chip that records everything. This is such a cool post where I learned that now it’s just not a theory but there are chips that can be inserted.

    1. O my God ! Your post opened an entire new World if possibilities; one that i often imagined while watching futuristic fiction. But i’m left amazed & hungry to know more.

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