In this blog, I am going to share my budget getaway trip near Mumbai – Ganpatipule

Ganpatipule – My Budget Getaway Near Mumbai (With Photos and Videos)

Do you believe in the concept of minimilism while traveling?

Do you like to travel and have abundant memories?

Well let’s start our journey, This is my trip to Ganpatipule which is situated in Ratnagiri which is approx 322 km away from Mumbai. It takes somewhere around 8 hours to reach Ganpatipule. This is a 1-day trip.

Mumbai – Ratnagiri – Mumbai

Without further adieu lets start with why you are here.

So to start with, we left our house at 2:40 pm and reached kurla station at 3pm

Took a local train to Dadar for our train to Ratnagiri which was scheduled at 3:40 pm

Trian was delayed by half an hour and we reached Ratnagiri station at 1:30 am.

We had no choice but to wait at their waiting room which was chargeable with no proper amenities and the charge was ₹5 per person which was in a way appropriate but they should have had more amenities with an extra charge like a bed where you can rest, hot water if someone wants to take a bath.

We waited there till 6:30 in the morning and took a State transport bus till st stand for which they charged Rs 20.

From st stand we got a bus till Ganpatipule mandir for which the charge was Rs 60.

As we had been to Ganpatipule before. we took a room which we had taken before also for Rs 150 for 2 hours and we got hot water to have a bath and freshen up we even slept for 1 hour.

Hotel’s name is Krupa residency -Highly recommended for budget travelers.

Things to do in Ganpatipule

Ganpatipule is an isolated beach, not discovered by many. It is famous for its Ganpati temple which has its own significance.

Ganpatipule – My Budget Getaway Near Mumbai (With Photos and Videos)

The temple even offers lunch for which you don’t have to pay. We paid a small donation and enjoyed the food.

They have maintained the temple very nicely. There is staff for keeping temple clean, beach marshalls to take care of the beach and people.

What i liked about Ganpatipule beach was, if you walk a little far from the Ganpati temple, you will find nobody around you.

Unlike beaches in Mumbai and Goa, you find someone or the other around you. Ganpatipule beach is clean, less crowded and scenic beach. There are places that offer stay for budget travelers.

Pro tip : Enjoy different fish dishes to have the best experience.

Chill at the beach with nobody to bother you.

Since we had planned for one day trip. We took a rickshaw in the afternoon which cost us Rs 150 per person.

I would recommend coming back to Ratnagiri station via rickshaw. You will absolutely love the beauty of the place. On our way back to the station we spoke to a rickshaw driver who shared some great facts of the place.

Why Ganpatipule is not commercialised like other holy tourist attractions?

Which community does fishing in Ratnagiri?

Some personal details about him and places to visit next time we visit.

If you want to know or already know please share it with us in the comment section.

This is one of the best getaways, if you are from Mumbai. If you are bored of daily routine and want to do something for a change. Visit Ganpatipule

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  • Ganpatipule - My Budget Getaway Near Mumbai (With Photos and Videos)
  • Ganpatipule - My Budget Getaway Near Mumbai (With Photos and Videos)

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