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Guide to Clubhouse App

Clubhouse Invite code

What is Clubhouse App?

The clubhouse is a social networking app. Launched in 2021, since then it is gaining popularity and due to the current covid situation where people cannot meet each other and have a chat,an app like this comes more handy. It has a unique feature of audio chat, as the name suggests drop-in audio. Many are still confused and have no idea what this app is all about and how to use the clubhouse app. The main idea behind this app is to make people interact with each other in unique ways.

Clubhouse invite code
Clubhouse invite code

Features of Clubhouse App on IOS & Android

  • It allows users to upload a single picture.
  • Users can choose their specific topics of interest at the time of registration.
  • One can follow and follow other users (Like all other social apps)
  • There is no limitation of words to put in your bio.
  • Integration of Twitter and Instagram is allowed for both Andriod and IOS if the latest version is updated.
  • As it is an invite-only app, it limits one user to invite five people
  • The more time you spend on this app, the more features get unlocked (Moderator)
  • The raising hand option is available to be on the speaker panel.
  • There’s no option to search rooms in the clubhouse
  • Followers really don’t matter on Clubhouse, because it works like a chain reaction; having one follower in the room can create a thousand more people in the room.

How to get a Clubhouse invite?

In a very short period, the clubhouse has attracted millions of users on Android and ios. Paul Davison and Rohan Seth are the founders of clubhouse. The clubhouse was available for download on Ios (India) in Mar 2021 and on Android in May 2021.

Clubhouse invite code
Clubhouse invite code

There are several ways to get a clubhouse invite

  • A Clubhouse invite from a friend who is already on Clubhouse (After logging in, you get to invite five more people with your clubhouse invite code)
  • The owner of the club gets to invite ten people with his/her clubhouse invite code (A club can be opened after spending enough time on the Clubhouse app.)
  • Download the app from the play store/app store and be on the *waiting list*. There is no standard time frame for whether you will be allowed to access the app after being on a waiting list.
  • Comment down below for an instant Clubhouse invite code (We will help you get through the waiting list). There is a limit to invite people to clubhouse in a day. We would request you to wait for a while.

Popular clubs to Follow on Clubhouse App

Clubs can be found in the hallway of the app. You can find these clubs based on the interests you select during the initial stage of setting up your profile. It can also be changed later as per your convenience by making some changes in the setting option.

Games on Clubhouse App

There are several games played at clubhouse. It is fun to be part of this game group. Clubhouse games are gaining popularity amongst youngsters and elders on the app. Clubhouse is slowly becoming a dating app for a few and they tend to use it like tinder and bumble. Some of the games given below don’t need a description and are easily understandable, so we have not described some games.

Shoot your Shot on the clubhouse app

It is basically hitting a male or female from a speaker panel with pick-up lines.

Kill, Marry Date on the clubhouse

Again choosing three people from the speaker or audience panel to Kill, Marry, and Date.

Assuming game on clubhouse app

Assuming thing by seeing display picture is a fun game.

This or That on the clubhouse app

The room’s moderator will ask a specific question with two options where a speaker has to choose one from it.

Truth or Dare on the clubhouse app

It’s a fun game where speakers will go on PTR (pull to refresh) order and ask questions to each other accordingly.

Roasting game on the clubhouse app

Roasting is a trendy game. People on the speaker panel roast each other, and everybody gets a chance to roast everyone.


So the game goes in PTR format speaker sings the first verse ended by the previous speaker’s last verse. The one who gives a pass gets moved to the audience, and like that winner is decided.

Ten Questions

Speakers can ask anyone ten questions in PTR format.


Right swipe or left swipe & Super like

It is like a tinder game where a male or female can choose the three options; the left swiped person goes down to the audience after nominating one person.

Quiz on any topic

It is a quiz type game, a question is asked on any topic, and people on the speaker panel tap their mic if they know the answer and suppose if the answer is wrong, that particular speaker gets moved to the audience section of the room.

Out of league

Another tinder-like game, where the moderator picks one person from the speaker panel, that person has to choose someone who they think is out of their league and nominate another person, and then it is continued.

Definitely date & turn down

People on the speaker panel choose someone, and the chosen person tells whether it is definitely a date (Accepted) or turns down (Rejected).

Bumble or tinder game

Seduce, Take a bullet for & marry

Mafia game on the clubhouse app

Mafia is a game of strategy, deduction, and deception. The mafia’s goal is to whittle down to equal numbers to the mafia and the towns are to kill all mafia members. Having your IG account linked is encouraged. Discuss with respect and no discussing ongoing games with dead people.

Never have I ever

A particular question gets asked, and the people on the speaker panel tell that never have I ever done or not done that specific thing, done in PTR order.

Would you rather

Clubhouse Invite Code

Clubhouse Invite code
Clubhouse Invite code

Frequently Asked Question – Clubhouse

What is Clubhouse used for?

Used for meeting new people and interacting with some well-known people from your respective industry. One can ask questions to celebrities or people they always wanted to ask. The Clubhouse app can be used to get to know the latest news of the field they are interested in.

Is the Clubhouse app free?

It is absolutely free on all platforms such as Android, ios, and the web. There are no charges, and it is not a paid app.

Is Clubhouse a Dating app?

Unlike Tinder,Bumble, and other dating apps, Clubhouse is not a dating app.

Abbreviations on Clubhouse

  • PTR – Pull To Refresh
  • CH – Clubhouse
  • DM – Direct Message

How can I connect Instagram to the clubhouse?

Go to the Play Store or App Store to update the latest version, then check settings you will get an option for adding a social media handle on Instagram & Twitter.

Although this blog is about Clubhouse invite code, we wanted to make sure you understand the Clubhouse app and how does it work. Please let us know in the comment section if you want to know something more.

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