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How to Get Taskmate Invitation Codes Free|2020

Taskmate app Image from Playstore

Get Taskmate Invitation/Referral codes Tips and working tricks here

Google Task Mate app launched by Google is a free beta version app available on play store. It started its service in the united kingdom and covering Europe as well. The Indian version is currently in beta testing and is only accessed by referral codes or invitation codes.

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Worry not, we will be sharing some tips on HOW TO GET REFERRAL CODES

Google taskmate invitation codes in telegram chats

So make sure you read the whole post. Cause we are constantly trying our best to do what we can.

How simple is TaskMate app?

Task Mate: Earn money by doing simple tasks on your smartphone

  • Find tasks nearby
  • Complete a task to begin earning
  • Cash out your earnings ₹₹₹
  • Yes, that’s it. It’s a pretty simple app.

Google Task Mate is a beta app made by Google that provides access to a variety of simple tasks, posted by businesses around the world.

The Task Mate app was first spotted by Reddit user ppatra (via 9to5Google) on the Google Play Store.

Types of task you can expect?

  • Take a photo of a nearby restaurant: This type of task is usually found in google map’s local guide( If you’ve been one). Local guides on Google maps basically needs to share the reviews of the places they visit. So if you’ve been one, you can relate to this task.
  • Help translate sentences from English to your local language: For India, it’ll be mostly Hindi and some other local languages as well. We hope that Google adds languages according to the state where User resides. So the user doesn’t find the translation task arduous.
  • Answer survey questions about your preferences: Google rewards is also one the Google’s app which we’ve discussed earlier, has a similar survey like environment. These surveys are generally of the product companies.

Some Snapshots from the app

How can I use the Task mate app Invitation codes?

  • You can participate in tasks that you are interested in, or choose to skip tasks. The above tasks can be completed at any time, from anywhere if you have a good internet connection.
  • According to the description of the app in the play store, you will be paid in local currency for the tasks that you complete accurately. You will need an account with a third party payments processor, like paytm or Google pay account.
  • There must be a certain threshold value after which the user can take out the cash from the app and directly transfer it to the wallet of third party apps or use a UPI transfer to bank accounts.
  • When you’re ready to cash out, simply register your e-wallet or account with our payment partner in task mate app, then visit your profile page and hit the “cash-out” button.
  • You can then withdraw your earnings in your local currency.


Please note – This app is in beta testing. Google is currently continuing to learn more about how they can provide additional earning opportunities through crowdsourcing. So people get the most benefits out of it. Please make sure you don’t try any random referral codes as it may result in permanent of your Google ID. So you either use a secondary id or wait for Google to officially complete testing. Techtraveldine does not hold any guarantee of your Google ID. We suggest those techniques that other users got benefit from, so use at your own risk.


Join any Telegram channels for codes

Some telegram channels claim that they provide Taskmate invitation codes which actually worked. As we saw from the above telegram chat image, some users claim that their codes ran. We can’t confirm whether it actually serve but in contradicting some users claim it helped

Some working curated list of links to the telegram channels. Join them and wait for your turn.






Reddit users are well acquainted with everything they know. The Reddit user was the first one to tell so. You can ask them in comments. They might help you.

Following are some links for Reddit channels Taskmate Invitation code



What is Google Taskmate Alternative to earn money?

If you don’t have any referrals or invitation for Taskmate app, alternatively you can use Google’s opinion rewards, an online survey app is one of the Google’s earning app where users can earn google play credits (play store’s in-app currency) to buy paid books, games, movies and in-app purchases on Google Play store. The only downside of this app was the frequency of surveys that users get. Usually, the surveys are 3-4 per week or even months for some users.

Google giant’s Task mate app is kind of same like Google Rewards with its reward system being totally different, where netizens can earn directly into their linked bank accounts.


Task Mate (beta) is limited to selected testers at the moment. Please only download this app if you have a referral code as Google is unable to extend further invites at this time. Please do not blame us if you cannot find any referral code in our given tips. Let us know in comments if you find any workarounds so other users also get benefit from that.

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