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How to save WhatsApp Animated Stickers

Whatsapp animated sticker

Whatsapp is a messaging app, widely used by people all over India. Whatsapp was officially launched in India in November 2009. Before WhatsApp, Blackberry messenger was one of the popular messenger app in India. To up the messaging game, WhatsApp has come up with new strategies and introduced many different features.

Among many features, it also has sticker support. Whatsapp animated sticker is mostly popular among the young generation. Sticker lets users express their emotions in a unique way. This blog will help you with how to save WhatsApp animated stickers on your mobile phones, whether it be android or ios

Steps to save WhatsApp Stickers

Step 1 : WhatsApp Application

Open whatsapp application on your iOS or Android Device.

Step 2 : Open Chats

Open the chat from where you want to save stickers.

Step 3 : Tap on Stickers

Tap on stickers you will get option “ADD to Favorites”.

Step 4 : Add to Favorites

adding stickers to you favorites or view sticker pack it will get saved.

Step 5 : Open another chat

once you open other chats next to keyboard you will find favorites stickers option .

Find WhatsApp Stickers in your loved ones chat.

find the stickers in the chats save stickers for future use.

There are many apps you can find on apps store and play store to make your own prefered stickers .

You can also search for WhatsApp stickers on Telegram. Telegram is the best app compared to WhatsApp. All because of security reasons and it has way more features than WhatsApp has. The telegram channels are helpful in so many ways. In spite of more features on telegram, there are more people on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has end-to-end to end encrypted, the telegram has its secret message feature.

whatsapp animated sticker to enhance your chats.

Here you can find more about whatsapp stickers.

On Google playstore & App store find WhatsApp.

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