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How to travel the world for free? Can you?

travel the world for free

Travel introduction

Travel is when there is a movement of a person from one place to another. Travelling can be done by road using a bicycle motor-car, road air, and water. Travelling has a long history of merchants going from one place to another, Pilgrims, people from the city going back to their respective village for a holiday. People travel for various reasons.

Travel has evolved so much over the time, that one company, agent, can arrange everything that is needed for travel. Travel has become a big booming industry, it includes modes of transport, staying in hotels, conference centers, exhibitions, tourist attractions, etc. There is so much included in the travel industry. Due to current Covid-19 situation, everything has come to a halt

Travelling has a glamorous part involved, which is why so many people are attracted to it. There are people who have travel to the whole world. A 21-year-old has travelled to 196 countries. There was a time one would have not thought about this. Travelling brings a sense of joy to some. It is a luxury to travel the world and get to know the culture that exists in different parts of the world.

Social media is also one of the reasons travel has gained so much popularity. There are so many questions that people have.

I have seen many people asking this question repeatedly on social media platforms.

Do you also have the same question on your mind?

Do you want to know some hacks to travel the world with less money?

Please read the whole blog and I am sure you will get to know some basic tricks.

How to travel the world for free?

So many big personalities have said, yes it is possible.
What I would say is no, you cannot travel for free, unless and until you have become a big personality or attained a certain amount of fame.

In the initial stage of your travel life, you will have to spend some bucks.  There are certain things which are necessary or mandatory for travel such as visa fee, certain small things which unknowingly you have to spend for

You can travel on a small budget though. I will explain to you how you can do budget travel. This is what I do when I travel.

Air ticket or travel expenses: There are so many different airlines, apps that can help you look for cheap tickets. Researching on the internet is the main key for budget travel. Accumulating mileage points can help you get a discounted ticket the next time you travel.

Use local transport such as bus, train, metro, etc. Avoid using taxis, research that part of the city where you are going to travel before only, and plan things accordingly. Look for a bus pass, metro pass available for tourists on the country’s official website.
Have a chat with locals and they will help you with the best things that you can try according to the experience that they have had. Trust me locals are the best people to help you with many things.

Hitchhiking: hitchhiking will help you save little. Hitchhiking done on the highway saves you a lot of money.

Local food: Eat local street food, if you are Indian and if you go to an Indian restaurant anywhere other than India, then it is very expensive. Look for street food where there are many tourists or locals eating food.

Sponsorship: Sponsorship is not easy to get, you will be able to get this only when you have achieved a certain level of fame and recognition in the society.

If you follow my above tips and tricks, I am sure you will save a lot of money in future. This tricks will help you learn more about the country, their culture, way of living, and traditions.

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