Welcome everyone guys, In this post I will tell you how to fix instagram story stuck at posting issue. Fed-up of this issue? Don’t worry we got you covered. Read full blog and try all the steps to get resolution.

Instagram story stuck at posting

Recently I faced this issue and I didn’t know how to fix this issue. It is very annoying as this issue stays for too long.

Problems you will face when this happens. It doesn’t let you switch account, if you use multiple instagram account on one device. Second issue you will face is if you try add more stories, it will also show posting amd gets stuck.

To start with I would recommend you try basic techniques – Restart your Mobile and then check if your story is getting posted.

  • Restart your Mobile
  • Turn Wi-fi/Mobile Data On/Off
  • Switch to Airplane mode for a while
  • Close all the Apps and try opening instagram again

Force Stop Instagram Application

After doing all the basic things also if your issue is not solved try following things

Force Stop your instagram application.

Clear Application (Instagram) cache

In my case what happened was even I tried all these steps but none of it worked, eventually i decided to wait for sometime and check some instagram feed and waste some time and check back after a while.


It happened with me twice when it happened for the first time it took more than 24 hours to get resolved and second time when it happened it got resolved within 2-3 hours.

What i would recommend is don’t give your attention to instagram till that time and do something productive. If you are a social media influencer then do something on other social media.

This is a bug from instagram which it needs to resolve as soon as possible

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