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Introduction to Food and Beverages

Chef Food Sushi California Rolls  - Free-Photos / Pixabay

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage can be specified as the needs of a person. It’s nourishing that’s consumed in the form of liquid or in solid-state which gives human body energy & extract thirst. Food & Beverage can be delivered by production and service.


Hospitality is probably the most manifold but specialised industry on earth. A never-ending source of business, with talented & happy employees who never sleeps empty stomach.

Catering can be done on a small scale as well as large (example: 5-star hotel or Street Food) Both are doing good business. it can make you McDonald’s/KFC. you know what I mean..


it all started from British Raj around the world. F & B set up can be done in small places or huge can be off-premises & on-premises. like in hotels, hospitals, aircraft, theatre or cruise ship.

Catering is a task of planning, organising, controlling & managing all this activity will be delivering food & beverage to a satisfied consumer for huge profits.

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