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Matheran – A different experience


This trip for me was like being in a deep sleep, dreaming of a place I want to be. Imagine all the experiences as an 11-year-old. Traveling with your family as a kid is a unique and beautiful experience. Experiencing the best of everything, even if we faced hassles, didn’t reach me. The careless mind, relishing the trip without any burden. This trip is pictured in my mind like an owl city song video. This is because owl city songs are so perfectly imagined, and they bring peace to mind.
You have to be with them, do as they tell, sometimes if you are a mischievous kid, you don’t have to listen to them, enjoy everything as you like. Parents take care of everything, and it is their headache.
As a kid, you have to enjoy, have fun and ask thousands of questions to your parents. Asking questions helps kids grow their intellect.
I have even decided not to revisit Matheran in the future. Because if I visit Matheran, I will have a different experience, leading to a different perspective about the beautiful place called Matheran.
” Matha means “forehead,” Raan in Marathi means forest. Since it is a hill station, it has the perfect name Matheran.”
Everything that I remember from that trip is like how a car’s windowpane looks in the rainy season. My recollection of that trip is blurry but yet so appealing to me. Raindrops on Glass are always poetic.

We took a train from Kurla station as Kurla station is near to our house. Then, catch a central (local) train to Neral station.
We took a mini-train till Matheran, but we had to wait for too long to board that train. There are only a few trains that run between Neral to Matheran. So it would be best if you plan your journey accordingly.
I still remember we were carrying snacks, fruits, water for our whole trip. We had bought all these things a day before our journey so that if someone feels hungry or is thirsty, they can eat or drink during the train travel. We were 7 of us as a family traveling together for the first time. 4 small kids and three adults to take care of us.
When we reached Matheran station, we were awestruck by the scenery and the pleasant weather, since I am from Mumbai, hence pleasant weather.
The beauty this place has is incomparable – long trees, no pollution, red soil, monkeys all around, a complete nature package a Mumbaikar can witness.
I have been a nature lover from the time I was a kid. Sometimes I feel I should create a world where I exist with nature and nature gets to rule, not self-centered humans. But, this is a different story lets come back to Matheran.
We rented a cottage with trees all around it and chilly weather for a perfect evening tea with a beautiful view. After having tea, we soaked in some fresh air, and obviously, my parents were planning what to do next. Till the time we settled down, changed our clothes, it was dinner time. So we went to a nearby place which was home cum restaurant. We had chicken curry, with chapati and rice. The food was delicious and made our bodies warm for a wintry night.
Now, this is was a perfect night for me. Even now, I dream of a night like this, and I feel so fortunate to have witnessed a beautiful night like this – We were walking back to our cottage, it was dark we had a torch in our hands, Sky full of stars, Jugnu also known as fireflies, flying along with us, as if they were showing us road with their lights.
I even caught one jugnu in a transparent glass bottle to see it glowing. Wow, it was such a fantastic experience, a perfect night a kid like me could have asked. It was an ideal scene where stars and fireflies told us why we are even using even a torch when we are here for you.
We reached our cottage, slept for more than 9 hours or so. We had kept this day to explore the beauty of Matheran, all the different points, sunset, and much more. On the second day, we explored all of Matheran, which everyone else on the internet talks about. On the third day, we left for Mumbai.
This trip is so close to my heart that this was the first and maybe was the last time for all of us traveling together. We are a bunch of crazy people.

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