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Banned apps to be removed from MIUI: Xiaomi’s Latest Press Release

MIUI banned apps

Xiaomi India, in its latest press release, clarified the banned apps by the Government of India. After getting numerous apps prohibited in India, which includes Xiaomi MIUI apps like Clean Master, Mi community, Mi browser, which recently got into the ban list, it rose a severe security threat among the MIUI users as well as Redmi phone users, regarding the data being manipulated against them. Forbes data scientist had also put many allegations on Xiaomi, which Xiaomi cleared it later on their blogs.

MIUI is the official ROM for Xiaomi and Redmi based on Android. It has all the Xiaomi bloatware based apps like for watching the video(MI Video), Listening music (MI Music) and many pre-installed apps come bundled with the device in conjunction with their Ads.

No authority was taken into consideration by Xiaomi India for the banned MIUI apps. Until now, Xiaomi has tweeted as well posted on their community blogs/Forums…

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The Features of the posts are:

  1. None of the blocked apps will be available.” Now the clearcut meaning for this is Xiaomi will soon be *coughs roll out Indian-version MIUI Rom for all released smartphones and the next upcoming smartphones there will be zero banned apps by Govt.
  2. The MIUI Clean Master app banned by Indian Govt is not used by the Xiaomi and Redmi phones. Now, this is the most controversial yet the most debatable question whether the Clean Master is the same made by Cheetah mobiles, which got banned by the google play store. Read in detail here, also Here. Xiaomi claims that the Clean master app is not the Cheetah Ad fraudulent product, but its the official cleaner app made by Xiaomi itself.
  3. “100% of the Indian user data stays right here on Indian servers.” The funny part of this statement is the PUBG mobile with over millions of install on Google Playstore, which was under the watch for its data privacy issue. Which gave Heebie-jeebies to PUBG mobile, later claimed that Indian user data are being stored in Indian servers. This akin situation can be seen here with Xiaomi. So now Xiaomi is on Modi’s favor in fear of getting banned out of India.

Government of India being stringent against the data privacy issues and the ongoing India – China conflict events, took a necessary action to ban those Chinese apps. With over millions of users for Chinese mobile brands, the apps which come pre-installed posed a security risk for Indian consumers. GOI nearly banned 106 apps, which includes Clean master, Read China’s Masterplan, Mi community app, and recently banned Mi Browser, which comes pre-installed. These apps are not easy to remove for a Non-techie person. Read: How to remove Banned apps in Xiaomi and Redmi phones, Easy follow-through

10 thoughts on “Banned apps to be removed from MIUI: Xiaomi’s Latest Press Release”

  1. I have never used a Chinese smartphone or downloaded a Chinese app. Thankfully, the government got rid of TikTok, as I was contemplating downloading it. It is good to know that Chinese smartphone manufacturers will respect data privacy of Indian users. This is a step in the right direction!

  2. Wow that’s a big step and good they are getting rid of many of the apps that are banned. I have never used any of the chinese apps except Tik Tok for a very brief period of time. I used it mainly for dance and then I later got rid of it.

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