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Raw Nepal vs Civilized Switzerland


Switzerland is not just beautiful, it is well organized. Wherever you go you have a feeling of calmness.
The Himalayas are definitely more magnificent and breathtaking, but Switzerland is amazingly beautiful from top to bottom, not only the Alps but the whole country including the small villages and big cities, etc.

The villages of Nepal are nice as well but not the same striking beauty, and you can’t really say that about Kathmandu, though it’s certainly an interesting city with a lot to see. Obviously they’re just different and Nepal is an incredible country, but Switzerland really shines in a pretty unique way.

Very similar !
Roads, houses, bridges and sizes don’t match … the rest is very very similar.


Nepal is Himalaya … and it is bigger than the Alps. You want to cross a small river, if it is monsoon … it will be a big big river and not a joke. In Nepal, the river flowing down the vale is bigger and more savage and if you fall in it, you will probably die. Not in Switzerland … because it is smaller. You go to a pass, the 5000 meters of Nepal is not 2500 of Switzerland. You breath slowly, cannot laugh. When watching at the clouds coming along the vales … they are way bigger in Nepal than in Switzerland. Similar, yes but sizes difference is striking.

You have some landslides that are more serious in Nepal than in Switzerland.You do not have roads in Nepal (appart of the main ones) while in Switzerland you have roads everywere. Bridges are way more solid in Switzerland than in Nepal, hanging bridges (when i went to Nepal, they still had wooden plates, holes and high by 50 or 100m hanging bridges. scary … you would never have this in Switzerland. We didn’t want to cross them until we saw a young girl with her water buffaloes go happily accross the bridge, then we started … but it was scary because long, high and with broken plates … sometimes 2 or 3 plates missing !! and you see down … like hundreds of meters.

Nepalis are smart people, Swiss are smart people too. Nepalis are more pro-angloSaxon proud of the Gurka relation. Swiss, although friendly, are less pro anglo-saxon.

I have been to both, Switzerland and treked in Nepal.
In Nepal they used some advertisement on the Swiss alps to market their tour in Nepal !

Beyond that, both countries are different, but simply because in Nepal ,You are basically in a tropical region, while Switzerland you are in a continental region. In the parks south of Nepal  (Chitawan) you have tigers … and everywere you have snakes (til you leave the tropical altitude)  … you don’t have that in Switzerland.

I had pleasure with some people showing me their homes, with pride, and showing me the pictures of their grandfather having been Gurka.
People speak well english and are open. I honestly liked a lot Nepalese people. I felt they were smart. Way nicer and more open than many south east Asians. We shared the road with a guy, 4 woman and a boy, they were walking at our speed. So we started becoming friends. They were awesome.

Probably the fact that i was there during monsoon was an advantage as there were not many tourists , therefore people were relaxed and open. To speak, smoke joints,  laugh … they were not too much dollar oriented and that’s a big plus !! They were nice. Then we also took our time ,Some travelers are on a race to complete the trek or under stress because they are not used to be in foreign countries.Wherever I go, i enjoy every bit of moment with cool people.

Nepali have a special place in my heart and their country is unique.

The biggest difference between Switzerland and Nepal is, that if you take a longer holiday trip you will be more “relaxed” in Nepal. In the first days you will not realize it, but with the time it comes to your mind: ou have no connection to the rest of the world. Nothing troubles you. An earthquake somewhere? A crisis? If you travel into the himalaya, there is mostly no news (which mostly don’t affect you anyway) disturbing you. Most of the time you have no internet, no radio, just the sound of the nature and your breathing.

At the swiss alps on the other way, there will be always some newspapers around, the radio sound, wifi mostly everywhere. You are connected to the world.

Both mountains are great. One is more “wild” and back to the basics (Nepal), the other is “civilized” (Switzerland). I love them both.

Let us know in the comment section, your thoughts about Nepal vs Switzerland. If you feel we missed out on anything, comment down and share our article.

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  6. This is an incredibly racist and elitist Western article, the comparison of one culture as “civilised” while calling another “raw” and thus implying that it is uncivilised is so incredibly problematic. This sort of blogging paints lesser developed countries in such horrendous negative light while claiming to be making a “simple comparison”. I suggest you educate yourself further before making such posts or visiting other cultures while holding such offensive attitudes towards them.

    1. Did you even read the complete article?
      Nowhere in this post the writer has spoken that Nepal is uncivilized. It is you who is implying that.You are the one looking at it in a negative way. You should educate yourself by visiting these places and these are just facts mentioned by the writer. The world needs less people like you

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