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Telegram Animated stickers

How to create Animated Whatsapp sticker of your own

Whatsapp, an instant messaging app with a light and simple user interface has over 5 billion-plus downloads on play store. Almost every other person in our contact list uses the Facebook-owned Whatsapp. Whatsapp with its new gimmick recently tested and released its new feature of animated stickers which is still under development. German-based Telegram app had this feature way before then it came to Whatsapp, but good to know it came on WhatsApp as well. Telegram animated stickers on Whatsapp

Stickers are the best part on Whatsapp to express ourselves more easily than the basic emojis. Introducing animated stickers is an added topping to your pizza. The only downside of this feature is the limited number of animated stickers on the internet.

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No need to rely on your friend for a sticker. With this trick, you can make your own animated stickers. The links for everything will be given here.

You can use a modded WhatsApp version if you don’t want to follow the below steps. But it’s not recommended for security reasons as your data might be at risk.

Convert any Gif file to a Whatsapp sticker.

Convert any Telegram animated sticker to whatsapp sticker.

Here’s the trick…

You need only 2 things.


1.Telegram stickers saved already or the Gif file for the sticker you need or

2. Converter for gif to webp as WhatsApp only accepts webp formats for stickers.

3. A good file manager, I used MiXplorer, it’s a paid app, you can use Es file explorer as well. Your default file manager will also work well. There are basically two methods

Telegram method for animated stickers in Whatsapp

In this method, you will be converting telegram stickers into Webp format. For converting telegram stickers, you need to use your own stickers that you already saved or else use telegram’s built-in stickers. To access those stickers, follow below screenshots.

How to use default stickers in telegram
How to use default stickers in telegram
How to use default stickers in telegram

I used telegram bot @tgstowebpbot for conversion. Just send the sticker to the bot. It will convert it into a zip file. Extract the file in your downloads folder and your webp file is ready. Further steps are common for both methods.

Website Method for Importing Telegram Animated stickers on Whatsapp

You can also use ezgif website to convert your gif to webp format.

While converting, make sure to resize the image into 512×512 as the dimension.

Also, make sure that the file should be less than 1 MB to avoid any errors or glitches. For that, you

can use webp optimizer or just reduce the number of frames and then save.

Check the "File Size" its less than "1MB". if its not, you can use the Frames option to reduce the frame
Check the “File size” it shouldn’t be more than 1MB to avoid glitches
512×512 as image size.

Now Download the file, it will be in your Downloads folder.
Once you download, the steps are easy, but you need to follow them carefully.

The following steps are common for both methods. But there’s a tricky part in here.

Common steps

1. Navigate to your WhatsApp folder➡️ ➡️Go to the media➡️Whatsapp sticker
Now you need to copy the first sticker’s file name. Make sure you’ve sorted it into ‘new to old’ style. And, make sure it’s a recently sent sticker, or make your friend send it to you (Check Update. It needs to a New Sticker, which you don’t have in your favourites or anywhere. Also don’t try with WhatsApp’s default stickers.)

I copied the name of the sticker which my friend sent me.

2. Now go to downloads folder rename the downloaded webp sticker (the sticker file which you got from both the methods) and paste what you copied. Now move the renamed sticker back to ➡️ WhatsApp ➡️ Media ➡️ WhatsApp sticker and make sure the same name file shouldn’t exist.

3.Clear cache of WhatsApp and close the app. Now open the app, you should see the animated WhatsApp sticker you just made!! Voila… Just add it to your favourites so that you can use it with your friends and family.

Add to your favourites

For any problem incurred, please feel free to ask in comment below.


There was an issue regarding the stickers converting back to its original form when you replace them with your own sticker. So we got a catch of that too!!

You can only make animated stickers out of new stickers which you haven’t added into your favourites, nor it’s in your sticker list.

For example, let’s say, your friend sent you one new sticker to you (animated or regular, it doesn’t matter), so only that sticker you can copy its name then remove it from sticker folder then paste the copied name into the converted WEBP file of your desired sticker, then just put it in the sticker folder. You’re good to go, clear the WhatsApp cache and close the app. Open again, Open your friends chat, now you should see your sticker file, add it in your favourites. It will be permanent.

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New updates on WhatsApp

Now you can use Whatsapp from any of your devices. Whatsapp recently announced its new feature in which you can link up to 4 devices at a time. The most demanded feature from WhatsApp users. According to wabetainfo reports “The option that allows using the same account on different devices at the same time is surely one of the most requested features, but surely it’s one of the most complicated to develop.”

Currently, You can’t use your WhatsApp account on more than 1 device.

This feature is still in development process and will be released soon on all the platforms as a update.

Good news for IPad users: An IPad app is also in development according to the recent reports.

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