“Ganpati Bappa Morya”

“Mangal murti Morya”

Things Maharashtrians do during Ganpati
Things Maharashtrians do during Ganpati

Ganesh festival was started in Maharashtra by freedom fighter Gangadhar Tilak. This festival began as a means to bring unity amongst the people in Maharashtra. Britishers banned public, social gathering in 1893. This festival started during Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj rule, but the difference was it was celebrated individually and not with the gathering of so many people as we see now. Bal Gangadhar Tilak started this festival in Pune, and then it spread across all parts of India subsequently.

Some quick facts about Ganpati,
1. Ganpati, also known as Lord Ganesha is an elephant-headed God worshipped majorly in Maharashtra is given first preference before doing anything auspicious.

2. Lord Ganesha is known as a diety of intelligence and destroyer of an obstacle.
3. Ganpati had two wives’ Riddhi and Siddhi.

4. Ganpati idol is immersed as a ritual because it is believed that Ganpati was created by his mother Parvati with a clay. It is to signify the birth cycle of lord Ganesha.

5. It is believed that Lord Ganesha wrote Mahabharata continuously for three years as Ved Vyas and Ganesha had agreed that both wouldn’t stop writing and reciting. Lord Ganesha broke his tusk to write Mahabharat.

6. Lord Ganesha and his vehicle mouse have a story. The mouse was known to destroy crops of the farmers, so lord Ganesha came in to picture to help farmers and kept mouse as his vehicle.

Everything in history has its history and beliefs and stories of people that they take forward as the years go by, there are so many things that people now think are superstition but has a major significance behind it. We are told by our parents that nails, hair should not be cut on a specific day of the week. Just like this there are so many other we believe are superstition, but has a reason.

Moving forward the Ganpati festival has become a tradition and evolved in an ugly manner. There are DJs that play Bollywood songs, massive Ganesh Murti (competition is the reason for it), plaster of paris murti, and other endless things that competition between pandals, individuals has lead to slowly building hatred for the festival. You won’t know and we will stop having the freedom that we have now for celebrating this festival.

Things Maharashtrians do during Ganpati
Things Maharashtrians do during Ganpati

Things Maharashtrians love doing/enjoy Ganpati festivals for?

The excitement that is there before the Ganpati arrival.

Chanting Ganpati Bappa Morya songs, Aarti, all the time. As a kid, I loved showing off people that I know Ganpati Aarti and giving a  look to them that you don’t even know.

Visiting different Ganpati mandals and exploring decoration of different Ganpati mandals, Ganpati idols.

Arranging everything that is going to be needed for the festivity. Decorating the place where Ganpati is to be kept.

Eating Modak: Who doesn’t love eating modak. Modak is Ganpati’s favourite snack

Invite guests at home : Inviting friends and family home for Ganpat darshan.

Spending time with family (which we have in abundance now and are bored of it)

Dancing to banjo tunes – Ganpati style dance where nobody judges you for your dance and can dance whichever you want.

Sitting on top of the truck and chanting funny things like chikni chikni choriya Ganpati Bappa Morya. Which has no bad meaning and causes no harm to girls and is not said in a bad way.

Ganpati has a special place in my heart like other Maharashtrians. I know there are so many Maharashtrians who have a different kind of fun and memories during Ganpati season. I would love if you share your memories and things you are going to miss this Ganpati season. Ganpati festival has given so many memories to me and others like me. I cherish each and every moments of the Ganpati season.

Mention all your fun activities you do during Ganpati in the comment section.

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