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The Ultimate Guide for the Restaurant Owners should know to reopen Hotels or Restaurants after the Pandemic.


I am writing on safety measures & Ultimate Guide for the Restaurant Owners should know to reopen Hotels or Restaurants after the Pandemic.

Food Safety and Standards Act – Everything a Restaurant Owner Should Know

Hello Ladies & Gentleman, hope all are doing great.

In these three months, the world has changed so drastically-life with mask, sanitizer & gloves we have to live with it. Having food in restaurants or street food is questionable because our safety is our priority.

Owners of restaurants and bars should keep as a priority of safety with enhanced health and safety protocols and flexible booking in their organization.


The establishment should install new air conditions to remove all airborne pathogens across entire restaurants & bars to make sure you breathe clean air.


All guests should undergo a health screening while entering Restaurants and bars, and those considered at risk should not be allowed inside the restaurants and bars. Moreover, all staff/associates should be told to undergo extensive screening before entering restaurants & bars and regular monitoring in the working hours. Temperature checks and regular monitoring of guests and staff/Associates throughout the operation will help recognize health issues, offering an extra layer of prevention and protection.

  • Staff/Associates Monitoring
  • A healthy crew helps to ensure fit guests. Regular monitoring of crew health includes temperature checks multiple times per day as well as rigid sanitation protocols.
  • An organization should enhance the existing Pre-Employment Medical Examination process, which already monitors for a variety of infectious diseases, to make sure the health and safety of our Staff/Associate. An organization should be doing COVID-19 testing at any time throughout their employment contract.


All Restaurants & Bars should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to every operation. Hotels should be sanitized continuously and, where possible, fogged once in a week. Further, all staterooms, suites, and public areas should be cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected on a regular basis, and including the use of Electrostatic Spray Technology.

Increased sanitation efforts include:

  • H.O.C.l smoke fog in Staterooms & Public Areas
  • Fogging in hotel rooms and restaurant areas with the disinfectant hypochlorous acid (H.O.C.I.). Hypochlorous acid is a non-toxic, strong oxidant that effectively kills viruses. The germicidal properties of HOCl have been well reported. Hypochlorous acid is widely used as a disinfectant, for example, in sanitizing wash solutions and swimming pools. In these applications, the reactive chemical is formed in solution by the addition of chlorine to the water.
  • Regular cleaning
  • Everyday prevention schedule will feature continuous disinfection of the hotel’s public areas and high-traffic touchpoints. Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars should ensure that cleaning occurs continuously for all elevators and all public areas during on and off-peak hours.
  • Full Service at Restaurants & Bars
  • Buffets stations will be full service with staff available to serve guests wearing P.P.E. Kits all the time. Guests should avoid buffet and hope for an exceptional dining experience where less of touchpoints of other guests
  • Personal Hygiene
  • All guests will be encouraged to engage in regular hand washing, including when entering food and beverage venues, and hand sanitizer should be prominently placed and easily accessible throughout the hotels, Restaurants & Bars.

To give more space for responsible Social Distancing, Guest occupancy in hotels, restaurants, and bars should be reduced. Online check-in should be implemented for proper social Distancing. In addition, hotels, restaurants, and bars should reduce the capacity of guests in all public areas throughout the day.


  • Online check-in and staggered embarkation
  • Social Distancing in all areas.
  • Hotels, Restaurants, and bars should take necessary precautions and follow applicable public health guidelines to ensure guest health and safety, which is the highest priority at all times.

Thank you for reading my blog’s ultimate Guide for the Restaurant Owners should know to reopen Hotels or Restaurants after the Pandemic. After this, you would be able to successfully establish your organization with all safety precautions for all guests and staff/associates.

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These were some of the measures or Ultimate Guide for the Restaurant Owners should know to re-open Hotels or Restaurants after the Pandemic

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  1. Really amazing bro… short an compact brief on food and health safety measures. Keep writing it’s inspiring me.😊👍

    1. Its true life has been completely revolve to and all attention on sanitization and hygiene is utmost very well said.

  2. Some of these measures are better than none. It’s important to share operating guidelines to help restaurants return to full operation safely. Thanks for sharing

  3. All these guidelines are very helpful for hotel industry now . Life will not gonna be as before .this is so informative

  4. I think these have now become more important than ever. I cannot even imagine going to restaurants and bars without these safety measures. I do hope every place follows it and all these precautions are taken care of.

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  6. COVID has been such a bad thing for restaurants and small eateries. We are mostly ordering in whenever I am too tired to cook. This is an amaing guide you have mentioned.

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