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Virtual world is full of exaggeration?

Virtual world

The virtual world is a place where people of the real-world create an avatar of themselves online.

When I say online it means – a presence created with the help of gadgets which lets a person connect to a perceptive world.

There are many users who create avatars of themselves which is in the form of textual, graphical.

Communication between users can range from text, graphical icons, visual gesture, sound, and rarely, forms using touch, voice command, and balance senses. Basically no physical touch.

Now i will explain how virtual world is full of exaggeration

In Hindi they say
” Do ka Chaar Karna”

Filters :

People use filters on the picture they take of themselves. These pictures are so misleading that there have been so many news related to it

There is a huge difference between the images they use on their Tinder profiles, to how they look in real life when swiping away on the app. This is not limited to one social platform.

Why people don’t even try to look at how they look in the real world. Why is everyone so obsessed about how they look in the virtual world. Are people fake for attention?

Erotic content :

The content that is available online is exaggerated so much that even if it is not happening in the real world.

It fills people’s minds with such stupid content, it is kind of provoking and makes people think in a certain way. There have been soo many incidents in India because of the content people consume. Here I am talking about platforms like Alt Balaji, Ullu, and there and many others. The worst part is the Indian audience loves content like this.

Now there will be some people who will have an objection – That these things used to happen in ancient India and much other philosophy.
But try and think why this exaggeration is making some idiot think in a certain way and he commits a crime.

Comment section :

You might be familiar with war people fight in the Comment section.

They abuse each other like they are fighting a war for their own country.

These kinds of people are the ones – if their mom tells them to bring water in the real world they won’t bring but at the same, if someone abuses their mother in the virtual world they get offended. Who do u care about, when you are not helping the same person in the real world.

People fight for so many reasons like Hindu- Muslim, India – Pakistan, etc. This is just an example of what I want you to understand is the point.

This topic is debatable.

News channels :

News channels standard is going so down nowadays that just for TRP they start writing and showing dumb news.

When Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide they were showing irrelevant news in the breaking news column

” Aise Kaise hit wicket Hogaye Sushant Singh Rajput.”

This is just an example of lame news that people watch and believe.

Instances like this keep happening in the news industry as well as with Indian politicians.
Indian politicians don’t even think before giving a statement

There are so many lame statements that Indians believe are true. Is it because Indians are illiterate or because they lack common sense?

Influencers :

What do you understand when someone says influencer?

A person who influences a large audience. Someone who has the power to bring change in the world or to a certain section of society.

There are celebrities or influencers who have millions of followers but can’t even bring a small change in society. Why can’t these people stand up for a cause?

They just show the world that they are trying. These are two faced people

But think for yourself why cant an influencer or celebrity who is a celebrity in a certain industry stand up for something wrong that is happening in their industry or for certain sections of the society.

Society = You

You change = Society changes

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