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7 Table Etiquettes Everyone Should Follow at the fine dining

your table manners

Hello Ladies & Gentleman, before I start I have a question, how comfortable are you at home while having food ?. Extremely comfortable right? What happens when your boss invites you for a business dinner at a luxurious restaurant with a 7-course menu and you are surrounded by colleagues? Gets challenging, isn’t it?

Here are 7 Table Etiquettes Everyone Should Follow at the fine dining restaurant

  • Greet Meet Seat.
  • Unfold napkins on your lap in an informal or casual dining restaurant. informal or fine dining restaurant hostess or waiter of the restaurant will unfold the napkins on your lap. while taking a break to unfold and hang on your left side of the chair with handle or place it on the left-hand side. At the meal’s end, fold your napkin and place it to the left of your place setting.
  • Holding cutleries is the challenging part, hold fork on your left hand & knife on your right hand. use fork to lift your food and knife to cut food in pieces, always take help from your index finger to cut food.
  • How to keep cutlery on the table, know sign language for your waiter.
  • Always offer food to your left and pass to your right while helping yourself for bread or salt & pepper. place your bread and butter on your side plate.
  • All meals will be served from your left-hand side by staff, plates will be cleared from your right side.
  • The end of the meal keeps your cutlery as shown in the image, opt for beverage tea/coffee, digestif. place your napkin on your left armchair or else in the left hand of your table.

Thank you , Hope you use the simple techniques for your formal dinners.

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